"C" is for cookie is now available as a kids tee and sticker at Redbubble. http://www.redbubble.com/people/image620/t-shirts/7403309-c-is-for-cookie

This stock vector set up in my online shop. http://artistrx.bigcartel.com/

Orginal 10"X15" Pen and ink for sale
If you are interested in purchasing this piece please visit artistrx.bigcartel.com/product/rebirth thanks.
  • Artist_RX

    If you have any problems with the AI file feel free to contact me image620@yahoo.com. Thanks. Hope everyone enjoys these, and gets some good use out of them.
  • GetMore

    A few useful elements there, planning on doing more?
  • Artist_RX

    Yes, I'm planning on doing a couple more sets. Any suggestions as to what you would like to see in these next sets is encourage.
  • Artist_RX

    I'm planning on putting up some stock photography as well.
  • Artist_RX


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