I have been working on my brand 19dotdot for something now, from research to designing. Our Blog/Site is up and would love to get some feedback on the site. Check out the “look book” for the collection. My shop site is still in maintenance until we are fully stock and ready to launch. Tell me what you think.

The Site
  • Jd

    Don't forget me
  • jonkruse

    Just call it Look book not

    "Look Book – The Collection"
  • Jd

    Thanks for the advise...
  • admmgnt

    I think you may also want to acquire the domain name "19dot.com" This way when you are speaking with someone and you give them your URL, It doesn't sound like 19dotdotdotcom. I could see that being confusing for some people.
  • Jd

    definatly something to think about...and it is available.

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