It’s finally here. Months and months of hard work, being hush hush and sneaky and massive amounts of planning and work (I’m technically still not even done yet! ughhh!). The Electric Zombie Summer line is officially IN YOUR FACE! This is the biggest, most insane, most fun filled, nostalgic creation to date. Loads of custom items. New techniques, experimenting, and just straight up ridiculous products all around. I really wanted to push myself in terms of wackiness and bringing what makes me, me to everyone who loves and supports what I do and create. These things are all ideas from my inner weirdo and childhood, that I had to put down in T-shirt form. Lots of ideas including the Slasher Hoodie that was actually something I had in my brain for almost 2 years now. Trying a new way of printing for the Scanner striped shirt as well as the Tough Love pieces. It was all truly challenging and so hard to keep away from everyone. But no longer. Feast your eyes on this beast of a line, featuring…

- 2 limited edition screen printed posters
- 2 custom cinch bags, for all your beach going and pool party spectaculars
- 2 pairs of grotesque flip flops (which were also 3 years in the making!) - 3 custom cut and sew tank tops
- 2 nutty and crazy outside of the box shirts. Custom sleeves, back, front, stitching. Something you have to see in person to believe!
- 2 custom hoodies
- 9 posters (11x17 and 18x24)
- 2 Zip hoods
- 29 T-shirts
- 18 Tank Tops

SO MUCH STUFF! The past few months have been really grueling, but totally worth it to share this with everyone. I Hope that you all love this line as much as I do. I can’t thank all the supporters and NON supporters, for driving me to put out the best product time after time, release after release. Without you, and my crazy DOMEEEE of mine, I wouldn’t be where I am today.
Be sure to check out the look book on the main page, shot by my good friend Adam Elmakias (who has awesome lens braclets we’re all wearing in the shots)and edited by myself. What are you waiting for? check out the new stuff already!

Questions and Comments appreciated!
  • RustyEight

    Everything looks incredible man. Great release.
  • ExaltedByMark.

  • RustyEight

    On a side note, AWOL jacket is now 35 bucks... next check it's mine.
  • LaFlamme

    Great Achievement Kyle!
    Took 30 minutes to check the whole release! It's Huge!

    How can we just pick only a couple shirts? Choice is so hard to make!
  • Craig Robson

    holy shit dude.
  • kyleidoscope

    huge amount of work here, and some really slick items. Love the slasher hoodie
  • Perception Apparel

    Great release! I want lots of this stuff -.-
  • NVasion

    Very impressive release, a lot of awesome designs and cool custom stuff. The lookbook photos are great too.
  • Erchu

    I spent a stupid amount of money on this release, ugh..
  • Kyle Crawford

  • swissarmyshark

    that krueger hoodie is so creative
  • gaunty

    The flip flops are a nice touch. I like the freddy striped design and the Private Pizza is insane.
  • Andrew Haines

  • Benjamin Lam

    Awesome!! Fuck, I hope the monster jam and wingman aren't already sold out when I get my pay : (
  • Rockhart

    .. Awesome
  • fright-rags

    I know I already told you privately, but I'll say it again....amazing release. Just some seriously great stuff in there, man and so inventive. Great job!
  • Joshua Jordan

    Really impressed Kyle. Really impressed.
  • Kyle Crawford

    thanks everyone, means a lot. Already excited to start working on fall soon
  • horsebites

    Congrats dude!
  • JeffByNight

    this line is nutts dude, i never wear much of your summer stuff but this is impressive. Wingman is fucking awesome
  • Sushilove

    Everything looks amazing, congrats!
  • Anthony Smith

    Congratulations sir.
  • sockmonkee

    Everything looks great, Kyle! Great idea on the sandals and bags
  • Make Believe

    I can't get over how awesome everything is! Its refreshing to see a brand that constantly grows and pushes the limits. Keep it up Kyle!
  • i came from nothing


    Congrats dude, all looks amazing!
  • Husky

    Blew me off my chair man... O_O
  • Bob Kawa

    So good, will probably be picking up some posters.
  • cityhall

    Socket is my favorite. I might need to buy it as a tank fo' summa time
  • Who is Ryan C.

    Looks awesome
  • Redemption Brand

    Joshua Jordan said:Really impressed Kyle. Really impressed.

    This about sums it up for me. Your summer releases aren't really my style, but god damnit I fucking love your creative direction. Congrats on everything Kyle.

    Also, the cut and sew hoodie is fucking boss!! Any close up shots of the little details?
  • Miguel Abreu

    Holy jesus, you've placed EZ on another level with this release!
    Congrats Kyle, well done!
  • zombiedood

    i shit my pant for your new line! that hoody is killer!! hey kyle is that one of the models from chiodos?
  • Remusecollective

    Not my style but holy shit massive credit for such a huge, well directed release. A true accomplishment in itself.
  • Kyle Crawford

    yep, hes the drummer

    Amazing stuff Kyle! Your hard work and dedication really shows through with both the amount of product released in this line and the quality of everything. You're an inspiration man, keep it up!
  • MonkeyMouth

    Very impressive man. Saw it when you just put it up. Also, made a link to your site from my Facebook artist page. Great job, and im sure this will sell like shemales in pataya! (thats a good thing)
  • Craig Robson

    just a mind blowing amount of products, i need a whole day to sift through and really look at the details.
  • Obscure

    I would love to say bad things about this launch but it is fucking epic as is every release. Kyle you Douche!

    Also that ghostbusters tee is almost my favourite tee ever.
  • explodinghead

    Release of the year! AHHHHH IM GONNA BE POOOOOOOR!!

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