What Brand of V-Necks are you guys printing on? Im looking for a Feel thats near a Anvil 980 or AA 2001?
  • Ultimate Expression

    I'm also researching some V necks, and wondering if anyone has a suggestion of inexpensive places that print them. Not trying to hijack the thread, but thought maybe we could both get our answers.
  • mrgalati

    Check out the Tultex 0206TC (http://www.tultex.net/0206) & 0214TC (http://www.tultex.net/0214). Only available in white & black, but they're 4.5oz ringspun cotton and priced to sell. If you don't have an account with TSC, have your screenprinter get you some samples.
  • jdean23

    Agreed ^^^
  • FuzzyInk

    I've always used the AA TR456 or 6456. They're unisex v-necks, but very deep. Just size them down and you'll be fine. They sell very well.
  • jdean23

    People go for the Deep V?
  • MattyVF

    AA 2456 is solid.
  • JoeBaronDesign

    Check out Next Level's or Canvas
  • jdean23

    The tultex Ringspun looks nice !!! I think I might use that

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