To draw up a lighthouse with all seeing eye design.
My budget is $250 AUD
As far as colours go i'm happy with the single colour.
  • Alejandro Prez

    Oh hai.

    Man I lurked that earlier, it's incredible. As if you'd fit into my budget with work like that.
  • Alejandro Prez

    Haha thanks, your budget is fine actually. Email me if you're interested in working together.

    I chucked you an email with a bit more detail to it man :)
  • Craig Robson

    i often work with a neo traditional vibe to some things i do, if you can squeeze a few extra dollars onto your budget i would love to do some work, check out my designs via my little avatar and get in touch if you like it.

    Craig I picked up one of your Carpathian tees last week, I love your stuff.
    At this point in time Increasing the budget isn't really an option, I could probably only stretch to $300 at best.
  • Craig Robson

    shoot me an email with what you require dude, glad you like the carpathian print, let me know which one you got!

    I grabbed the two for sorrow design. Killer!
    I reckon your work will suit the other design I have in mind. I'll chuck you an email when I finalise the specifics of it. Just hoping that you could fit it into a $300 limit.
  • Bedlam77

    I guess ill throw this in since your looking for a traditional tattoo artist, I am a real life tattoo artist ,feel free to contact me thru e-mail
  • drop

    I'm sure Cutty would kill this one, but you can't go wrong with Alejandro, Craig or Tom :)
  • John Hobbs

    I'm in Melbourne and interested -
    Email -

    Thanks a lot for the interest guys. At this stage I may have all 3 designs I plan on doing covered. Just a matter of finalising the details on the other 2 and getting in contact with John and Craig.

    I'm getting more and more excited to be starting this up!
  • Obscure

    I would say in a nutshell you have an amazing bunch of artist that could nail a trad tattoo style with:

    ----->(Nutshell) - [Craig, Prez, Sol, Hobbs, Tom and the INFAMOUS Cutty!]
  • Alejandro Prez

    Definitely get John on this as well, I'd love to see more of his work printed!
  • Scott Gunner

    Check out my work, I've been doing a lot of traditional stuff as of late.
  • leesymonds

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