Not that anyone really gives a shit but Pyknic just released part 1 for their spring line. Looks rather shitty


  • adaytowearprada

  • MattyVF

    I don't believe in it.
  • DanielAndHisArt

    ^ LOL
  • Jay Nicholas

    Fuck their shit.
  • gaunty

    Come on fes up who worked for them after the JC fiasco
  • ithew

    I wish that they didn't screw things up...the designs I was working on for them before all that madness were awesome, and will never see the light of day
  • Sam Kaufman

    Delete this thread
  • Kyle Crawford

  • bmoore

    stuff is crap.. also someone i follow retweeted this a few days ago, can't remember who. unbelievable.

    i think the worst part of that tweet is the "like my mans" part. i could never stand how those idiots spoke.
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