Hey guys,

I just wanted to let you all know that Vicious History is having a spring cleaning sale to make room for new stock. Everything in the store is on sale until April 6th. Tees - $13 Hoodies - $27. No discount code needed.


  • MattleGearSolid

    Welp, I know what I'm going to be spending a few of my moneys on this week. Awesome!
  • MattleGearSolid

    Oh no, I was about to pick up three of them, but they're only large and XL. Bummer!

    yeah we are running low on a lot of sizes. which ones were you looking at?
  • MattleGearSolid

    I was looking at "bird of prey" "1780" and "Atropos t-shirt". Would like all three haha.
  • Will Petersen

    Please reprint Dreamcatcher & Atropos! Been wanting those for ages :)

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