Hey guys,
I thought you might like to see the new collection & site updates i recently released over at http://suffoca.com
The recent drop shows a whole new background to Suffoca, from the location and reinvention of previous sell out designs and introducing a collaboration with Matthew Skiff (http://www.ithew.com/blog) and an on going series with Dres13 (http://www.dres13.com).

The most exciting piece for me personally is the fully custom cut Silhouette hoodie, which really shows my own thinking process with the added pockets, to add your phone/wallet/keys/pens anything you want so they dont fall out while skating,riding,running etc, they run separate to the other pockets so you don’t have them hitting your hands, this is the first as far as i know for this type of pocket to be placed on a hoodie. To finish the whole hoodie off, the inside is lined with super soft cotton so there’s no cut ends,backside to embroidery to rub against your skin.

Collection Video:
Lookbook located in shop left side: http://suffoca.com/shop

All is available in the store, i will be bloging some more of the process's and stories behind these products in the coming weeks on the blog.
Glad to see the community of emptee's was saved & upgraded, long live mintees.
  • Serji Gold

    Great release man. I really like the hoodie! It's great that you put so much thought into everything. Keep it up. :)
  • Jay Nicholas

    Ah man, I love your stuff so much. Massive props.
  • ShineOn

    That hoodie is so clean and love the attention to detail
  • NVasion

    the hoodie is pretty impressive. Great release
  • jjworthington

    ShineOn said:That hoodie is so clean and love the attention to detail
  • Elliothread

    I've followed for awhile and really like alot of your stuff, I'm finding that the product shots aren't giving me a close enough shot of shirt detail though.

    I hope this is the line where you really start to lift off, it's evident that you've put a lot of time/thought into it and it's awesome that you go to the effort of stitching in each label.
  • sockmonkee

    Great release!
  • Joshy Jetplane

  • MetalHand

    I need that hoodie now.
  • Setup85

    So nice! The Skiff shirt is rad.
  • youneek

    that hoodie is smash! great job!
  • Brock May

    Freaking awesome!

  • Suffocaâ„¢

    Thanks for the great feedback!

    Glad to hear your enjoying the latest products, specially the hoodie.

    I understand what you mean @Elliothread, there was supposed to be a zoom feature on the shop products but coding seemed to show alot of bugs, its something im defiantly working on and thats why i added the look books and video.

    If you do want some shots of a shirt closer, just ask and ill post it up.

    I shall be breaking down some of the shirts, so you will get a chance to see the sketch's, digitals and prints up close, also for one shirt i stopped its production and changed half of the design which ill explain in the coming weeks.

    Cheers for the feedback everyone, very much appreciate the support for the brand.
  • YemaYema

    This is absolutely stunning love everything, and the video as well, excellent line!

    Everything looks amazing man, especially that hoodie!
  • MetalHand

    Are the hoodies very limited? just want to save a little money because i am poor right now.
  • chad manzo

    sooooooooo beautiful! great release as usual!
  • DoinFine

    couldn't agree with everyone more, absolutely awesome release!
  • Craig Robson

    so awesome and so wearable! i love how you never compromise your vision or try to jump on trends. hats off to you sir.
  • gaunty

    If I didn't live in a town where a hoodie is pretty much useless I would snap that right up.
  • Suffocaâ„¢

    MetalHand said:Are the hoodies very limited? just want to save a little money because i am poor right now.

    The hoodie is limited and they seem to be going down well, what size are you and ill let you know around how many are left to make sure you grab one in time.

    Thanks for the rest of the comments and purchase's guys, its real nice to have support from other artists.

    Im on twitter & facebook if you want to keep up today or just chat.

  • Andrew Haines

    Craig Robson said:so awesome and so wearable! i love how you never compromise your vision or try to jump on trends. hats off to you sir.

    That hoodie is an awesome idea!
  • Skull With Hair

    this stuff looks really good man. however i can't figure out what that icon is. no offense but all i can see is a cock and balls with legs, possibly wearing a condom?
  • Tony A

    I don't like the kinda eggplant logo but everything looks cool, especially the video. Congrats !

    I really like the collab with Matthew & the hoodie looks great, well done.
  • wotto

    no XL of the hoodie?
  • Nik

    Just watched this & your "About" video, both were awesome keep it up!
  • Skull With Hair

  • Suffocaâ„¢

    @Skull With Hair / @Tony A - The Silhouette your struggling to work out is the main character of my brand, Beanman. So his a bean shaped character, who normally wears a beanie, he normally creates a lot of curiosity but thats not a bad thing :).

    @Wotto im afraid not, i dont have a big request for XL, there are still a few XL shirts up in the store and the Black Wonder Sweater. Its something i will look in to for the next drop if requested more, sorry.

    Thanks for the comments again guys.
  • Will Petersen

    So awesome, good job!
  • Lion Caster

    sooo good.

    This is super sick dude!! love it!
  • cherrypistols

    I've always been a massive fan of your stuff but you need bigger sizes man.
  • Suffocaâ„¢

    Which size do you wear @Cheerypistols
    Cheers Will, Lion, Sos.

    I also have another little treat going up later today. :)
  • bmoore

    so nice. keep up the great work.
  • downrodeo

    Craig Robson said:i love how you never compromise your vision or try to jump on trends. hats off to you sir.

    Spot on.

    Ahh mate, you are always working hard on your brand, always pushing on and moving forward, and it's good to see your stuff appreciated.

    Also: would love to see a Craig Robson X Suffoca or Gaunty X Suffoca collaboration of some kind. Quite interesting really!

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