Hey guys,

Vicious History is taking part in the relief efforts of those affected by the tsunami in Japan. From March 11-13, 50% of each Vicious History sale will be donated to the Red Cross Disaster Relief fund. If you can’t purchase a shirt, please share this link and help spread the word.

You can purchase a shirt here: http://www.vicioushistory.com/products

  • TheUTee

    another reason why vicious history is one of my favorite brands of all time
  • gaunty

    Nice one Chaz. I retweeted.
  • quakerninja

    Sounds good to me.
    You can make a fund raising widget to post on your blog or website to help raise money as well.
  • gurven

    gaunty said:Nice one Chaz. I retweeted.


    thanks for the support guys!

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