Hate me enough to take pictures of me and draw strange and obscene things on my face and body in sequential form? Here is a sequential, feel free to copy it and mess with it in photoshop, add captions, do whatever you want.
Also, other people can join in aswell.

  • Perception Apparel

    Happy Birthday, Its my birthday too and Mintees also i guess
  • El Presidente

    hah dude where did you get that Brooklyn cat shirt i love it!

    Happy bday mang
  • Jay Nicholas

    Happy Birthday dude!
  • Paul Granese

    Hahah thanks guys. Kinda sucky gift of Emptees shutting down on my birthday, but Mintees definitely makes up for it.
    Jud, clearance rack at Urbanoutfitters! Still payed way too much for it. $20. on clearance. what the hfum
  • Supreme Mathematics

    Happy Birthday To You (Bis)
  • 8-bit ZOMBIE

    Harpy Borthday Paul!

    (First birthday of Mintees!)
  • _starryeyez_

    Happy Birthday :)Love your cat shirt.
  • Betraydan

    Happy B Day Broseph! Hope its a good one.
  • kiyomag

    Happy Birthday man!
  • SugarCoated

    Happy birthday Man!
  • Who is Ryan C.

    Paul is flawless, Awesome, Better than you, etc...
  • MysteryMachine

    SugarCoated said:

    Happy birthday ..

  • MysteryMachine

    SugarCoated said:

    Happy birthday ..

  • MysteryMachine

    Happy Brithday..
  • nickv47

    happy bday doood!
  • skullface

  • Griggitee

    Happy birthday dude. Picked something special.
    Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
  • Cutty.

    You and Mintees share a birthday! Happy Birthday Paulie G!! ♥ ♥ ♥
  • Aiden Knowles

    happy birthday
  • oohdoyle

    Happy birthday!
  • Paul Granese

    Aw thanks guys :)
    Skullface and Griggitee, those rule <3 but I. AM. NOT. HAROLD.
  • Paul Granese

    Here is Tony from Fuscare's picture:

    Apparently I suck bears
  • Bob Kawa

    Happy birthday!
  • skytree

    Happy Birthday!
  • nerdsociety

  • TenTimesKarma

    Happy Birthday Paul! have a good one!
  • MattisGentle

  • Alteration

    Happy Birthday!!
    :D :D :D
  • AlexArrows

    Happy birthday Paul !
  • gaunty

    Happy birthday for yesterday.
  • EmpireDesigns

    Happy Birthday to you and to Mintees.
  • angry frog

    Couldn't post it myself, seems like my data haven't been migrated.

    Paul Granese said:

    Here is Tony from Fuscare's picture:

    Apparently I suck bears

    Stop using me as an excuse for your coming out.
    It's obviously referring to how big was your bearday party (notice the hat) not his dick, you pervert.

    Happy bday again Paul !

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