Do post shirts you want to have fixed.
Don't post shirts that took you no time or thought.

I can't help you if you have no understanding of what I am going to tell you.
Please have a basic understanding of the fundamentals and a willingness to accept criticism and the self motivation to take that information and improve yourself.

This is not a post to do your work for you and they are just opinions so please don't get butt hurt.
Also share and share alike please. No leaches. If you have something of value to add don't clam up we all have things we are really good at and things that we suck at.

Do describe what you are trying to get across and what you think the problem might be in your own words. I can't read your mind.
Don't just flood this place with crap and expect to get better. Your going to have to do all the hard parts on your own. All I can do is point out some technical mistakes and suggest improvements.


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