Hello people,
  • Balefire

    Hello! It's ALIVE!
  • nerdsociety

    hell yeaH!!!! magnifico!!!

    yeah!really miss you guys!:))
  • Wyndelle Remonde

    yeahy!!! cheers everyone!!!!!!Ü
  • mrdavenport

    hello, hello. Its great to be home.
  • Andrew Haines

    Awesome job guys!
  • fershozombie

  • 8-bit ZOMBIE

    Hi everyone!
  • Jupit

    Hey now...
  • nerdsociety

    Thanks to Mr. Rob Dobi and AKT Enterprises!!!
  • The Mothman

    I already stopped missing Emptees. This is great. Thank you Dobi and AKT!!!!
  • Brock May

    You guys are awesome.
  • v to the izz-a

    Site looks great! Hello everybody!
  • Sheepwolf

    Site is awesome! Hey everybody! :D
  • hassbeen

    i must say i am extremely happy with how this turned out. grats guys =]
  • bloodboy

    Great Jobbbbbb thanks a lot for migrate so well .. ROB and AKT ENTERPRISE
  • GeePee

    Thanks a bunch Lord Rob Dobi and AKT Enterprises......You just save my life....thanks again....
  • TenTimesKarma

    Hello Everyone!
  • skytree

  • ChrisW

    I missed you guys!
  • bsweber


    looks great!
  • Derisory Designs

    The place looks great!
  • brujoborbz

    Hi everyone! thx Rob and AKT
  • Who is Ryan C.

    Oh hai!
  • nickv47

    great work guys!
  • rik c

    hello mintees!
  • brujoborbz

    Hi everyone! thx Rob and AKT
  • Frenden

    I like the short post count for pagination and the site is very touchscreen friendly. The buttons are nice and big.
  • freaktone

    oh my god!! I'm so glad ,guys
    thanks Dobi n' AKT Enterprises :D
    this is gonna be my new home
  • hellomynameis

  • Greg Abbott

  • Haniel

    Damn This site is really cool. Hello brothers and sister.
  • GeePee

  • AttChiT

    hi :p
  • johnsaurus

    Hi everybody! I'm John. :))
  • Royal

    Hi, everyone...
    is this a heaven

    HI everyone :)
  • Lmerrill

  • DoinFine

    Hello all :)
  • Rial Demones


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