loving the numbered pages on the threads! i'm gonna go mess around with the rest of the site!
  • domeh

    wow,, yeah this site so awesome, thanks Rob Dobi and AKT...
  • Who is Ryan C.

    atomicchild said:

    Who is Ryan C. said:

    Seriously flawles

    No GIF what gives

  • bongBONGbong

  • milkpack

    great work guys!
  • Wyndelle Remonde

    so fresh and so awesome! loved it! great job guys
  • Poltart

    Yeah I love the layout, everything just looks so nice and clean and relaxing! Thanks for the site guys, you did a fantastic job!!! :)
  • selfhighfive

    This definitely feels like an overall improvement on emptees.
    The site is lovely.
  • GeePee

    I just looked around and finds that this site is awesome......clean looks and relaxing
  • bleet

    awesome feel to the site :) well done mintees crew
  • Lmerrill

    Fantastic. For some reason it wouldn't let me log in at first. But I's here now!
  • Demented

    Yep, great job guys!
    Love all the little details going on in the layout :)
  • ChrisAnnihilation

    How does the "featured" section work?
  • MattyVF

    Amazing job. I couldn't be anymore stoked for this community.
  • MattyVF

    LOVE it.
  • Deformed Giraffe

    Looks 'mint' fantastic job.

    Everything looks amazing.
  • deonic

    The control bar below the user's tee page looks rad, not sure about its color though. Using the same color as the header would be great imo.
  • alex@graphicsover.be

    Awesome job! Site looks very good!!
  • Psyched

    Great job, love it!
  • i came from nothing

    wow looks great
  • Jman

    Really good job guys! Looks and runs so great!
  • AttChiT

    looks familiar ^^
  • heat.

    yeah that's super cool, very similar to emptees.
    Nice work guys!
  • Craig Robson

    really happy to be here. let the awesome commence!
  • Certis

    Good job dobi and gang, site looks awesome!

    Looks Great!
  • Sam Montana

    It's definitely rad.
  • Sushilove

    great job guys!!
  • Tom Neal

    Love, love, love the site. Great job boys!
  • Supreme Mathematics

    It looks sexy! damn boy!
  • DiegoMendez

    It's like moving to a new neighborhood. It's great!
  • gutterjim

    yeah smooth sailing from here.
    well done
  • stawicki

    new neighborhood with the same friends :3
  • 110specialblack

    feels just like home.
  • Monster Pop

    dobi said:

    Mintees will be closing on March 2nd.

  • David Merritt

    Great job guys. You guys deserve a lot of props.
  • sonya

    Looking good, great work!
  • vinh291

    ^ LOL
    damn i love the GIFS.

    Emptees is like a 4chan for designers
  • vinh291

    woah woah I cant edit?
  • Origami Ghost

    Awesome job guys.. looks great!

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