I heard a rock/alternative song on the radio last week but I couldn't recall who sang it. Its fairly new I think.

I only remember the ending word of the song's chorus. Its like...


The band sounds like a mix between Quietdrive and Dashboard Confessional.

Its not the song "Jumper" by Third Eye Blind.

Sorry for the lack of clues.

Much appreciated!
  • jeremiah was a

    quite the predicament, you could always google the lyrics "understand" but your chances will be below minimul
  • Jaypantastic

    dude for some reason I have a feeling your talking about The Gaslight Anthem "the 59 sound" He doesn't say Understand though.
  • herman

    tried googling for an hour but couldn't find it before posting here.

    "the 59 sound" song sounds awesome though.

    swh, is that suppose to be a trick question?!
  • Jaypantastic

    Ah dude I thought I had it! Good luck.

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