id love to learn more about this watercolor effect that ive seen in jimmy’s latest quilt design and in some of finley’s latest stuff.

Ive never really done more than 4 colors silkscreened before, so is it some kind of process printing? transfer? alien technology? Its fucking with my mind!
  • jfinley

    I’m just the designer, I don’t have to print these monstrosities. I have great appreciation and respect for anyone who can print them accurately, print them big, and print them soft.
  • derekdeal

    thats a good way of going about it i guess. Ive always felt like my designs were restricted by the means of printing but it seems those barriers are falling….fast. Im kind of out of the loop as to what changed.
  • Colemadethis

    usually they are printed 4 color process [screen print] or DTG.

    any have approximate prices on when they got these services done?
  • jared

    we do that kind of stuff at Merchspin, as far as a quote, just email
  • derekdeal

    thanks for the info i read your bio, post shirts, fuck your boss and his shit brick

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