There was quite a bit of interest after I posted this tee, so I figured I would just keep everyone updated. The Hare's Foot design I did for the boys in The Blackout Argument is now online! Available as a white t-shirt, white longsleeve, or extremely limited sand-coloured tee.


These guys dropped their new album at the beginning of the month (available to stream HERE) and are headed out on tour with Shai Hulud and Ligeia.
  • El Presidente

    I love that drawing man...the fat dotted line is perfect :)
  • Joshua Jordan

    El Presidente said: I love that drawing man...the fat dotted line is perfect :)

    Thanks a lot Judson!
  • Joshua Jordan

    Tim said: I might pick it up :)

    Thanks Tim! I forgot to mention that it's free shipping worldwide.
  • Who is Ryan C.

    Simple and awesome. Nice job
  • chad manzo

    good to see this up for sale!! love that piece!
  • BCHC

    Great shirt.
  • Craig Robson

    awesome work, i hope it sticks around i plan on picking on eup
  • Joshua Jordan


    Thanks for making this one tee of the day everyone! I'm truly shocked and amazed. They're selling out of some sizes in this design, especially in the sand colour. Pick it up now cause it might not stick around too much longer!
  • Obscure

    Very nice joshua:)
  • Joshua Jordan

    Obscure said:Very nice joshua:)

    Thank you dude!

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