Hi there one and all.

As the dreaded date of the Emptees closure moves ever closer, we have seen a few people offering alternatives for showcasing t-shirt design talent.

The Springleap.com crew would love to try and make the 'Emptees withdrawals' as painless as possible.

We have a friendly and open community, many of them Emptees members, who encourage and support all aspects of t-shirt design.

Springleap invites you to post your designs on our platform, or to submit your t-shirt designs to our ongoing Open Theme competitions.
If you have design or industry related question/insights, you are most welcome to post them up for our community to answer.

If you would like to know more about us and are interested in getting involved with our community, please come across and join us at Springleap.com


All are welcome!

Lets get together and keep the spirit of Emptees alive for a long long time to come.

Have a great day out there.


PS: check out our posting on Emptees closure
  • bleet

    i submitted when you guys first started and got my first T printed, but for some reason forgot about springleap...

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