hey guys.
i was wondering is there a screen printing company out there that you know of that does the following
1.screen prints the label inside the shirt
2.makes the swing tags
3.attachs them for you

i've been looking & alot just print the shirts and the labels but no swing tags.
so i thought i'd turn to you guys for your advice.
thanks a bunch if you know
  • Kins

  • Perception Apparel

    Thread bird prints inside tag and attatches hangtags. Just find another company to print the hang tags. Also, thread bird does a great job with printing.
  • leesymonds

    yeah they would be perfect!!...but need a UK based company.
    Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  • Obscure

    I did email you...
  • evolve or die

    use the google, luke.
  • FreshBakedPrinting

    evolve or die said: use the google, luke.

    I think he was looking for an Emptees referral.
    What's the use of having a "Community" if you can't seek a referral from the community?

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