It was on a hoodie, now its on a tee.
Go buy it, wee!

  • Peter Takis

    So wearable man :)!!
    I may pick this up dude.
  • Matt Ryan

    Peter Takis said: So wearable man :)!!
    I may pick this up dude.

    Thanks dude. So stoked to see it on white.
  • ventusclothing

    i was wondering who did this. i was hanging with the guys in counterparts at a show one night in bridgewater and one of the guys was wearing the hoodie of this.
  • Mcuts

    Matts the man, more sick dealies to come from this talented fellow in the next month.
  • TenTimesKarma

    Wow! looks really great Matt!
  • Erchu

    I may have to pick this up
  • PitchGrim

    This is awesome. Great job Matt and good choice Adam.
  • drop

    good job matty!
  • Matt Ryan

    Thanks everyone! Super fun piece to do. Adam's prints always turn out nice and soft. I always save my favorite designs for him cause I know they'll turn out awesome.
  • Miguel Abreu

    Just bought it, it looks incredible!
    Good work Matt :)
  • John Hobbs

    Awesome design and looks amazing on white! I don't usually wear white but I will have to get myself one :)
  • i came from nothing

    TenTimesKarma said: Wow! looks really great Matt!
  • adam.

    Mcuts said: Matts the man

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