Hey Emptees! It's been way too long since I've said a peep around here.

Well I'll be heading across the pond within the first few months of 2011. Any UK empteers want to let me crash at their place?
  • dougie

    Where abouts are you headed? I'm based near Brighton.
  • DesignByRyan

    I land in London.
  • wesleynettleton

    im based near lincoln if you're round this way, very much doubt it haha
  • Craig Robson

    i am in liverpool. let me know a good amount in advance if you fancy popping over and i will get the guest room ready.
  • Jay Nicholas

    I'm back in London in a week.
  • DesignByRyan

    Planning on departing Feb. 14th. Room for 1-2 people would be amazing!

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