Paint the Stars released their winter line last week.

Paint the Stars Site

  • BearTrap

    Noice letterman. Noice noice.
  • Joshua Jordan

    Still no XL. *sigh*
  • pullthetriggerbitch

    I like the Totally Rad tee and the skate deck tee but I was disappointed with the rest of it.
  • molasses4masses

    The best thing is that jacket.
  • zombiedood

    wow, just saw, their new site is so rad! that baseball tee and jacket are so awesome!
  • cruise

    damnit beavis! that shirt rules.
  • Kyle Crawford

    it's the uk EZ
  • wesleynettleton

    daneel said:
    Kyle Crawford said: it's the uk EZ

    only less expensive and nowhere near as musch backchat
  • horsebites

    Woo hoo! Congrats!
  • wesleynettleton

    found that alot of brands/bands have used tees like that though ^^
  • Kyle Crawford

    does the uk not play baseball?
  • wesleynettleton

    personally think these guys are doing a great job, ive bought a few bits before a few years back. Not really my style any more but seems to sell well to the key demographic. Plus i believe dave is from near me so its all good
  • wesleynettleton

    Kyle Crawford said: does the uk not play baseball?

    You ever thought about opening a uk store or stocking in the uk? Think it would do well over here, probably be some hassle to sort out though
  • johnsaurus

    i don't think i would pick up anything on the winter line, a bit disappointed and i was hoping that the lettermen would have a really sick print on the back but its just plain.
  • Craig Robson

    the cut and sew items are great and i think you put together a fun looking winter line. congrats on the upcoming 6 years! keep doing what you love, its obviously working!
  • Erchu

    I soon as I saw the Beavis and Butthead tee I had to get it. I was kind of hoping it had a quote or something on the back but whatever it still rules. The rest of the line is ok, not really my thing and I feel that it's too slapped together with random designs.
  • gaunty

    I was gonna say they have nothing new but I forgot I saw all this back in Septemberat a trade show. The sockmonkee one is great.
  • oygen

    The totally rad shirt is totally rad so i bought it
  • Redemption Brand

    Wouldn't buy anything. I wish they had better product shots of their cut n' sew. I'd like to see some details on the Letterman and the Denim shirt.
  • Sam Kaufman

    A shirt that says "Totally Rad"? ....

  • Joshy Jetplane

    love it.
  • jjworthington

    that denim is the bees knees!

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