Your mother stinks like leprosy.
  • Birdie31

    I will pound your vagina. I will pound your vagina.

  • NVasion

    Your imaginary friends are unimportant because you're a ass felcher
  • lostandfound

    Look, you gross porch monkey, you've got one fucking minute before I destroy your whore mouth full of diarrhea.
  • Who is Ryan C.

    Nobody wants to take you out to dinner.
  • christopher ott

    Why don't you slam my dildo, you meaty ass taster.
  • hellomynameis

    If a clown slams you in the whore mouth tomorrow, I bet it won't be the first time.
  • Paul Granese

    First one I got...
    "I love you, you cute good looking person."
  • lostandfound

    Fuck you, you dumpster diving fuckpuppet.
  • Joshua Jordan

    I'd rather masturbate with a grenade to bird flu porn than spend one more second with you.
  • Myth

    Choke on a man meat and die, you buttfucking yeti muncher
  • c.G.

    You fatally donkey punched your brother, and it's on youtube.
  • heat.

    Birdie31 said:
    I will pound your vagina. I will pound your vagina.



    I will fuck your pussy. I will fuck your pussy.

    I see a pattern here.
  • Killer Napkins

    Why don't you hump my flesh hoagie, you dog fucking vagina licker.
  • Joshua Jordan

    You will never live in a nice house.

    You may think you had it rough when you got fucked by a paramedic, but it's going to be much worse when you get circumcised by my dog.
  • Sushilove

    I stuck my man meat in your nanny's fucking ass, and that bearded clam said it was fabulous.
  • JoeWSE

    From what I hear, you should not be allowed to own a dog, you sick fuck.
  • Alejandro Prez

    I will finger you in the junk until you can't shit, you pussyfart.

  • Lmerrill

    You retardedly stabbed your grandpa, and it's on youtube.

  • Tom Neal

    You will never be famous, you bearded clam.
  • Tony A

    I had a dream that a congressman felched your roommate.
  • AlexArrows

    I donkey punched your stepsister, twat.
  • Liliana

    I fully expect your hillbilly father to catch you sucking a convict in prison, because you do it so regularly.

    I would kill you, but then the title of "most loathsome cunt alive" would pass on to someone else.
  • Adhesive Hippo

    You suck. Man.
  • raymond.

    I fully expect your corpse humping uncle to catch you riding a Canadian in the woods, because you do it so damn often.

    This has to be the most bizarre.
  • jeremiah was a

    You think you're pretty? I'll tell you what would be pretty, you cunt. It would be pretty if a hippie kicked your pooper.

    I like this guy, very straight to the point.
  • Liliana

    You, sir, are a horrible fuckface.
  • randomfrog

    Your smell is unpleasant.

    Na na na na na na, I kicked your Jewish father.
  • volatile v

    If you ever get a pet ape, I hope it fucking kills you in prison, you whale fucker.
  • Peter Takis

    I heard you have an enormous butt cave.
  • Dr_Worm

    I was in a children's toystore, and I saw you licking a sky pilot shamelessly.
  • DrowningDesign

    If your brainless ass says one more thing, I will rape your girlfriend.

    ...well that's not very nice
  • Spence

    "Holy crucified fuck, you fucking cum fountain. Get murdered by a thug in a pet store."
    "for the moment, all i can think about is skull fucking you unkindly"
  • Joshy Jetplane

    I love you, you gorgeous cool person.
  • treycook

    I was happy to discover that you got boils from your mother.
  • song23

    22 fuck words
  • mynameismartijn

    Holy crucified fuck, you fucking tranny. Get donkey punched by a janitor in the mall.
  • JoeBaronDesign

    This is great.
    Rico. said:

    Now I know where HBO get their insults for Ari Gold. lol

    "I didn't think a slap happy fuckass could be so motherfucking hideous until I met you."

    "Your stepsister and your father work at Taco Bell, and they slam each other for money."

    WOW at this one "I will fistfuck you right in your repulsive slit, you terrorist cuntrag."
  • Certis

    Nobody cares if you die in a fire.
    I hope you die from yellow fever, you kiwi.
  • D zasta

    i can fly like a bird , swim like a fish , i fucked ur mother and now it burns when i piss

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