I kinda waited for Matt to post this but I think he didn't post this yet. He did an interview with me and you can check it out on the Wonderful Life website

  • Brock May

    haha cool interview! Cant wait to see what you have for that "girly" line haha.
  • gurven

    Good read.

    also thats a lot of fav artists.
  • NVasion

    Thanks! I'm not sure when that line is going to be released, hopefully soon.
    Haha, yeah, the list is pretty long but all those artists are good.
  • Geoff May

    Cool interview. Congrats!
  • MattyVF

    Great read! Thanks so much for the shout out man!!!
  • Killer Napkins

    great interview man! I was checking through your "create something a day" flickr .. very awesome stuff.. and thanks for the shout out!
  • heat.

    Cool reading, congrats man!
  • NVasion

    Thanks a lot guys! Matt and Napkins, you're welcome!
  • 110specialblack

    thanks for the shout out buddy!
    the first time i saw the line i thought bad taste was yours too haha.
  • NVasion

    you're welcome.
    Ha, maybe I promoted it the wrong way but from what I heard they had a pretty good launch.
  • fracturize

    nice one man,thanks for sharing!

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