I've never worked with either of these things and I'm trying to hook it up to my website and was wondering if anyone knew of a way to or a site that can explain it to me.

  • William Henry

    Doesn't Wordpress automatically have RSS feeds? Every WP blog I've ever installed has RSS built right in.
  • getclassy

    Yeah, I'm just not sure of how to set it up so that it feeds all the info to my own site. Maybe I didn't give a well enough description of what I needed help with.
  • UnknownArtifact

    I believe a RSS feed is already built into WordPress. Installation: Many web hosts have a "1-click" type installation for WordPress. Very easy to set up if your host has that feature. Otherwise, you can find installation instructions for WordPress here:

    Installing WordPress

    Hope that helps.
  • getclassy

    Alright cool. I'll see if my web host has that and if not I will check out the installing wordpress.

    Thanks for the help

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