Got this from Hydro74.

Hope the link works, I'm on my phone at the moment.
  • lostandfound

    Not workin'
  • lmt337

  • lmt337

    Can't tell for sure but looks like a pretty good resource.
  • atomicchild

    I predict these in a lot of designs....but yeah looks awesome
  • Cutty.

    Mos def, I grabbed em. Great lighting
  • Paul Granese

    Wow, neat. Thanks for that link
  • heat.

    Took them too.

    It could be used in sifferent good designs I think, so that's cool.

    And thanks lmt337!
  • lmt337

    It will be good to see a few designs with these skulls. Love the fetal ones.
  • Gabriel Gozzer

  • WillDaBeast

    downloading. thank you!

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