Anybody catch this movie yet?
I saw it last night it was if not the best, one of the best movies this year.

the sites pretty cool too
theres some awesome posters in the photos section
  • ChrisW

    deathcomfour said:
    Lmerrill said: If he was going to do it anonymously he would have, Oprah wouldn't have found out. I hate when celebrities do shit like that.

    Oprahs trying to do a good show and having him come on and announce that he's donating a huge sum of money to schools, and a little bit about his life, before the movie comes out makes for good television, its never really anonymous, unless he drops 100 million in cash or has some kind of like wire transfer from a caymen islands account. Even still I think it can be tracked anyways.

    Side note, he's "worth" a lot of money, but it's all estimated. He sold like 1.5% of facebook for 240 million in 2007 to microsoft. That, and whatever they make from the ads and whatever side things he has is the money he has, I doubt he actually has 1 billion in cash anywhere, its all just estimated that if he sold his 24% of facebook right now he'd have a little more than 6 billion or so.

    He actually donated that money to the schools that get the most government financial support then all other schools. Seems kinda pointless to me. Since the school was still doing terrible with all the government money.
  • Birdie31

  • augie

    its pretty cool that he never was in it for the money
  • iloveantix

    Setup85 said:

    Cant wait to see Social Network! The soundtrack is killer!

    It is - Trent Reznor did an awesome job!

    Also, I didn't know Joseph Mazzello was in it....I went to college with that dude. We did orientation together and everything. Good times.
  • _starryeyez_

    Lmerrill said: Need to see this. I've heard some really good things...
  • chriskillerartworx

    metacritic give the facebook movie a 96 out of 100 - what the.. the movie must be fantastic. even inception only got like 74.

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