I've been really interested in printing some posters on newsprint lately and was wondering if any of you knew of some good printers or if you have done this before. I searched google and found a potential but they all seem to focus on printing newspaper type stuff instead of posters.

Here's some examples of what i'm talking about:

The top one is a 22"x17" promo poster for a band and the bottom one is 34"x22".

And these two are from some USA Today paper i saw the other day. The top is the front the bottom is the back and when opened all the way it was about 22"x22"

  • meltmybones

    We print on newsprint. In the UK though so our supplier wouldn't be much good for you. If you find the right printer, it's a great cheaper alternative to the glossy magazine.
  • toothfeather

  • toothfeather

    the "posted this 3 months ago and unfortunately didn't get much response" bump. sorry, i just can't seem to find anything...
  • toothfeather

    AnthonySmith said: http://www.newspaperclub.co.uk/

    I used these guys, and the quality was superb. They ship overseas now too, so i guess this will be relevant. They print in the newspaper format, but the templates they give you make it incredibly easy to print posters and just pull the papers apart. Heres a little sample of my experience of their printing:

    Didnt really test there printing capabilities, but as you can see the results are crisp and clean.

    wow, yeah, their work is beautiful. And they're the first newsprinting site i've seen that shows off that much work and even more, poster work! I think thats just what i've been strugglin with...i can easily find a newsprinter but they don't really promote their service that well... I guess i just need to start contacting some even though they don't specifically promote "Newsprint Posters" and just see what i can find because having them shipped overseas might be too pricey...but thank you much for sharing that! good stuff.

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