Hi Guy's back in buiness I guess. How are you each One ?? Short Queation: How much Time do you Need to make a Full Illustrated Colored ShirtDesign?? Just wondering is it worth the afford to spend one hole Week for One piece..Special if you are doing Designs for à Living... How do you Guy's handle that??

Thanks a Lot
  • quakerninja

    yes. Take as long as you need for it to look as good as it needs to look.
  • gaunty

    If you need a week, you need to charge $500 plus
  • quakerninja

    Gaunty works for pure gold bricks.
  • corefolio

    gaunty said: If you need a week, you need to charge $500 plus
  • Luca Butler

    Good to see that you are back in your business after a long gap due to some family matters. Yes, we are also well and good and after $1 minimum deposit casino nz arrival back to the work we are happy now to see you again.

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