This video made my day.

  • Sam Montana

    "Are you callin me a liar?"

  • Masked Clothing

    Hahahaha that was a cute. I don't get it though after like 2 hours he could already afford the moon shoes. :)
  • Sam Montana

    I think he only gets his paycheck after a full month of work.
  • 1000eyesdesign

    this is brilliant. i can kind of relate to it.
  • dovemans

    very, very good.
    but now i do want some moon shoes.
  • Masked Clothing

  • mrdavenport

    this is amazing. i laughed out loud a bunch of times haha
  • Sam Montana

    Fuck yeah they are amazing! Look at how much fun this guy is having!

  • MattisGentle

    loved that!
  • Miguel Abreu

    great funny work!
    i also enjoyed the other one he did, prety cool.

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