sorry I just thought this was funny.
  • dovemans

    watch it.
  • jeremiah was a

    Dude's scarier than the dogs
    but on the plus side i'm sure he would make a grand infect'ee on some zombie movie
  • Sam Montana

    Oh god I lol'd so hard!
  • dovemans

  • wotto

    lol look at the wife's 'not this again' face.
  • Travis Cook

    wow. weird man
  • skullface

    My favorite art teacher does a less intense version of this when she's frustrated.
  • uzi

    Ahahaha I wish it wasn't 4 in the morning here so I don't have to worry about waking the neighbors with my laughter.
  • Glenn

  • Sam Montana


    Anyone wanted to flag that shirt?
  • dovemans

    Sam Montana said: bamp!

    Anyone wanted to flag that shirt?

    his wife sounds weird!
  • DeadRight

    Hahah, even though I was anticipating a "barking man" it still took me by surprise.

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