Yo Dudes. As you know the font i have for my t-shirt its sh*t and ugly.

It should say MESS UP CLOTHING

Does anyone have a good font or make a 3d or bring it to life. i would be delighted as im getting the t-shirts prinited next week. so i want to make it look best aspossible.

Shirts will be £7 free p&p

  • Hays

    I know it looks bad . thats why ive asked for help to re design it.

    There must be a simply font that would just make it look better ?
  • derekdeal

    comic sans is a pretty choice font
  • Hays

    I havent a scanner to hand draw one , I love four years strong one

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    ALl the letter at a tilt, Outline - get me ?
  • andrE w.

    yea fonts kinda suck, especially when there are more than one of the same letter. the two S's is mess are right next to eachother, they cant be the same S

    hire someone to design a logo, shouldnt be too hard.
  • Hays

    I would love to hire somone. All i want is MESS UP CLOTHING done . My shirts are not really mad for profit so money is a problem. and the money i own goes back into making more. Sounds silly but i really enjoy it.

  • Hays

    Cheers dude. I love the top one on this page

    I dont understand what i download it to. I only have basic Program.
  • Kolby

    Download it to your desktop. Then extract also to your desktop. Go to windows and find fonts. Find the tab that says install new. Then just go find your font and install.
  • Hays

    Ah i still dont get it. Can i use it in Microsoft word ?
  • Hays

    So whats a good program to design it in. I Have Paint shop pro , Will this work ?
  • Hays

    Its not as much i want a Only I just went a different styple of Text. If anyone can Do it using the font i choose i would pay a little bit. Name the price and rate you work at. baring in mind i want it plain and simple just text. !
  • andrE w.

    if you just want to use a free font cant you just do it urself?

    it tells you how to install a font there
  • Hays

    Ok. Ive downloadit it Unziped it. For example now how do i get this onto Word
  • Hays

    Ok SWEET done it. Once ive moved it on the fonts folder. can i delete to folder on my desktop without it going ?

    Cheers for all your help guys. you gotta start somwhere
  • Hays

    Thanks again and again
  • NinetyOneDesigns

    chris, check your email.
  • Randomentity

    MS WORD is NOT a design tool!

  • NinetyOneDesigns


    thanks for ruining my day. lol
  • andrE w.

    it could be a design tool if ur making those things for myspace that spell ADD ME! using all 1's and 0's haha

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