Hello out there!
I am brand new to emptees and I just say hello and possibly get some feedback. Heres a little bio about CDC
Well me and a partnet started it almost a year a go and have been doing it off and on for the last year but as of about 3 months ago we have really put alot of work into CDC and taking it alot more serious. We do must our work through myspace and bigcartel. We advertise through shows and bands etc. We only do limited runs of shirts and only make between 10-30 of each shirt then never make it again. The reason why we started Classic Disaster Clothing is because we were tired of wearing brand name shirts that every other person had ( quiksilver, hurley etc) so we figured we start up our own brand of tees and here we are! Only thing I second think is my name I sometimes feel like its to long and might not catch on any thought?
Id love to hear what you guys think!
heres our website but its not up to date yet
other sites we mostly use…

    i dig the rib cage tee.
  • Colemadethis

  • Time Without the E

    thanks we actually just had a small band try and steal the design and we completely busted them
    I know many brands have a ribcage tee but i am pretty sure ours is pretty different then all that i am scene
  • Chaddoesdesign

    yea that ribcage is tight
  • Time Without the E

    haha yeah it literally ended yesterday morning and since i have nearly 8 websites all linked to one it kinda sucks that the one is all redirects to is down

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