Me and Collision Theory have been neck and neck all weekend on our tee-off entries. If I'm not mistaken, today is the last day to vote.

Now I don't care if you don't like either of our designs, but could you at least throw in your vote today. You can always take it off after the winner is announced!

I think CT will agree with me. It's nail-biting! haha!

here are our entries:



thanks guys.
  • ThinkBaker

    That's a little better. KEEP'em Comin!
  • Randomentity

    when does voting end? 8 tonight right?
  • ThinkBaker

    That's what I thought..... but I could be wrong.
  • Kyle Crawford

    no its not 8 its 6pm geez
  • ThinkBaker

    it doesn't matter, I think he got me by two.... oh well.

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