those of you who have the new four letter lie and have the self titled a static lullaby cd, listen to cake eater and then the entire ASL cd and and tell me the vocals and instruments are nearly exact.

Its like they rolled every asl song into 1 song.

and is that aaron from the almost/uo in the beginning?

listen to mainly "hang em high" and "contagious" on asl

not knocking it, it just was bugging the shit out of me cuz im designing for 4LL right now and listening
  • R-A

    four letter lies first cd just sounded like underoath to me
  • Kyle Crawford

    four letter lies first cd sounded like horrible produced low volume doo doo
  • justinryan

    I could see why there would be similarities. I know ASL is an influence on 4LL. Joe even manged them for a short period of time.

    I think the new record is pretty solid, but I might be biased since Brian is one of my best friends and we run our clothing thing together haha.

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