idk im tired of working for little bands, so i was wondering how did you guys get such big bands to do work for? did you appoarche them, or the record company, or did they come to you? cuase with forever the sickest kids i had to appoach them with the idea.
  • dobi

    read my reply in “full time” thread.
  • chrisrushing

    takes time. i posted this in the fulltime thread too.

    On getting your foot in the door with bigger companies and bands, it just takes time. Build up your personal clients, and you’ll start getting knocks at the door. I’ve worked on this for 5-6 years. I did underoath’s website back in the day b/c I was friends with them before they were huge. and now… I’ve done work for Lifehouse, As I Lay Dying, and a few other big ones, I’ve had to turn some down too b/c I just didn’t have the time to do it by when they needed it.

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