anyone ever had a tee they design end up turning into a tattoo? i’ve had a few, always blows my mind the level of commitment some people have. i generally have a hard time putting a sticker on my car.
  • chrisrushing

    wow dude, yeah i’d be super honored that anybody got anything i designed as a tat.

    Tattoos are so last summer..

    Heartcore Logo

    MY Leg..

    not a tattoo,
    scarification; cut with a scaple.
  • dobi

    jesus christmas!
  • ryanmiller

    holy shit lol
  • Kyle Crawford

    thats stupid… fuck
  • Colemadethis

    good luck getting that removed.
  • sockmonkee

    broooo, what did you do?! i dont think that was such a good idea haha….thats just me…
  • Colemadethis

    it was a little sarcastic jimmy ;)

    and WHY WOULD you want that removed!?

    Chh! why would i want to remove it,

    plus, there’s no way to remove it haha.

    that’s why its NOT tattooed ;)
  • chrisrushing

    holy crap.

    I’ll look for those pictures!

    My reason for getting that as a scarification is a veryvery long and AWESOME story. The logos for Heartcore (jimmyheartcore’s company) Clothing. Jimmy has much such a significate impact on my life, and the direction I’m heading into. I can honestly say I would have the opprotunities, experiences, and friend that I have now if I didn’t have heartcore. So I wanted something more then just a small, simple tattoo, because he’s gave me more then a small simple direction in life.

    So to some, it might be stupid, but to me it seemed to fit perfect.


    I knoowwwwww.

    I’m sorry I missed your birthday dude. :(

    I guess it was kinda my fault you had to drop off warped, wasn’t it?

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