So I posted this over a year ago..When the Celtics won over the Lakers.

I had a friend who worked in Adidas in my country and I emailed him the graphic, asking him to send it over to his US contacts. I was hoping they would pick it up and use it on t-shirts.

A year passed and nothing came of it. Until June of this year.

I got an email.

From Adidas.

They wanted to buy the graphic.


I didn't wait long enough....I had sold the graphic to a clothing line who liked the zombie quality of the design. And they didn't really care that it was actually KG. I never expected Adidas to come back to me after so long. So I sold the damn design to someone else!

So I told the Adidas contact it was not available anymore expecting I would probably miss the only chance I could work with a client like Adidas. But good thing they wanted me to do graphics for Dwight Howard (fuck you SWH haha) and Derrick Rose. So I did! They're not in stores yet and probably won't be available until 2010 (if at all they print it).

So I was stoked. Thinking I was lucky enough to have worked for them. Damn good pieces for the folio.

I thought it would end there.

Come November of this year. Nike US emails me and asks if I could do some t-shirt graphics for them. Telling me how much they like my work. They actually showed me a design of mine they really liked.

Guess what graphic it was..


So I did two Nike Air Max graphics for them for their Europe accounts. They paid me a damn huge amount and they may or may not print the design.

So there. I officially love Kevin Garnett.

Moral of the story. Do things you love. One day someone will pay you for it.
  • atomicchild

  • ExaltedByMark.

    That is awesome dude! What an honor!

    I used to love him on the T-Wolves now hate him as a Celtic
    (Not real hate, just Laker Hatred ;)

    Keep this amazing style of yours up A.J. :)
  • Gianni

    that is nuts! congratulations!
  • Matt Willmott

    Poor Joey :(

    Congrats CT. Stories like that are always great to read. I hope you carry on being just as awesome.
  • swissarmyshark

  • Sam Kaufman

    Awesome man. That's gotta be a great feeling.
  • disembodied head

    congratulations! you officially deserve an emptees reacharound
  • justinryan

    i am slightly less jealous than joey is

    skull with hair said: that rules man, congrats!
  • 110specialblack

    game, set and match! ..ok close.
  • SteveOramA

    great story!
    it's all true for me too.
    keep doing your thing!
  • gaunty

    Hell yeah man. Good on ya.
  • Johnny Cupcakes

    Damn. Awesome story though! It's great to know that anything is possible. And the fact that those companies contacted you is a very commendable thing.

    Speaking of Kevin Garnett-- He walked into my LA shop and happen to think it was a bakery at first. He was so tall that he almost hit his head on some of my wall-mounted ovens. My employees said he was the nicest guy ever. Hung out for a half an hour and spent over $600 on himself and his lady. Luckily we had XXXL in every t-shirt design.
  • David Merritt

    Congrats! My heart is still with the KG in Minnesota. Beast.
  • JoeBaronDesign

    That's an awesome story. You never know what's going to happen.

    The Johnny Cupcakes story is pretty cool, too. Good to know he's a nice guy.
  • G-rant

    This is cool, I still hate the Celtics for beating the Lakers though haha
  • edword

  • Jaypantastic

    Congrats man! I am excited to see the other designs you came up with when they print.
  • DeadRight

    Success story!

    That is pretty damn awesome.
  • Truman325i

    G-rant said: This is cool, I still hate the Celtics for beating the Lakers though haha

    Im only gonna let you like the lakers since St.louis didnt have a team
  • oohdoyle

  • Tom Philibeck

    Joey said: like kevin garnett, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

    haha EXCATLY what I was just thinking. Thank you, Lonely Island.
  • Integral

    wow dude this is more then epic, this is a designers dream! Awesome, and inspiring!
  • collisiontheory

    Thanks guys!! It's an awesome feeling indeed!

    Joey said: like kevin garnett, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

    "Anything is Possible if you Just Do It.

    Congratulations matey really pleased for you!
  • i came from nothing

    Great story...

    Yeah Nike love this style, ever since Dave White did sneaker paintings for them and is now huge...
  • litoQ

    Holy crap! Congrats AJ, that's huge!
  • Randyotter

    well played dude!
  • labyrinth

    congrats man! that's awesome!
  • chad manzo

    you i envy so much right now.
  • Oo Lori oO

  • heat.

    Damn, so great man! Congrats!
  • atomicchild

    this story inspired me to do some sport related artwork awesome again
  • jsheldon

    Congrats AJ! Well-deserved. I'm sure you'll pick up even more stuff from this. Love your work.
  • fallen

    congrats man! well deserved :)
  • MichaelLoSauro

    Unbelievable. Way to go!
  • chad manzo

    this is like the 3rd time im reading this post and the bit where adidas mailed you to do one more design and then booom! nike asks for one too, still makes me feel so damn hyped for you.:) congrats again duder!
  • sockmonkee

    woa! so awesome AJ! congrats
  • xjoshuabelangerx

    super cool man, congrats
  • againstbound

    Holy fuck! Way to go, man.

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