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interesting to see this, we made it to number 12 which was quite surprising, our volume of traffic from blogs isn't exactly huge. Oh well, theres a fair few of you guys on here too.


Top 50 Tshirt Companies

An update to the OMGTees Tshirt company charts! The new chart is based on the stuff linked from the current homepage of every tee blog out there right now. The November 2008 teeco chart:

1. http://www.threadless.com
2. http://www.designbyhumans.com
3. http://www.lafraise.com
4. http://printliberation.com
5. http://www.shirtcity.com
6. http://www.goapeshirts.com
7. http://www.tanktheory.com
8. http://www.etsy.com
9. http://store.glennz.com
10. http://www.vintagevantage.com
11. http://www.monsieurt.net
12. http://www.origin68.com
13. http://shirt.woot.com
14. http://www.ilovewaterloo.com
15. http://www.tshirthell.com
16. http://www.karmaloop.com
17. http://www.wooshka.com
18. http://www.torsopants.com
19. http://www.oddica.com
20. http://www.redbubble.com
21. http://www.imaginaryfoundation.com
22. http://www.seibei.com
23. http://www.negrete.co.uk
24. http://shop.ugmonk.com
25. http://www.uneetee.com
26. http://www.mediocoreclothing.com
27. http://www.rockawaybear.com
28. http://www.graniph.com
29. http://www.akumuink.com
30. http://www.aliveshirts.com
31. http://www.lazyoaf.co.uk
32. http://www.chopshopstore.com
33. http://www.nodiktat.com
34. http://www.a-better-tomorrow.com
35. http://www.crazydogtshirts.com
36. http://www.fantasticbonanza.com
37. http://www.indiemerchstore.com
38. http://www.tolkymonkys.com
39. http://www.indigoclothing.com
40. http://www.clear-cut-case.de
41. http://store.cottonfactory.com
42. http://www.teefury.com
43. http://www.concretehermit.com
44. http://www.teetonic.com
45. http://endangeredwear.com
46. http://www.dadawan.com
47. http://www.robitstudios.com
48. http://allmightys.com
49. http://www.quixotic-clothing.com
50. http://www.noisebot.com


We’ve changed how we gather and collate the tee chart this month. The old way was a little too manual. The new way is fully automated, much more fun, and brings a bunch of other reports for free. We now use mintelligence reporting tools.

A couple of notable facts from the dataset. Tee bloggers link to other tee blogs a LOT. The top 5 boils down to:

1. tcritic.com
2. iloveyourtshirt.com
3. troundup.com
4. hideyourarms.com
5. addicteed.com

Blogger beats Wordpress as the blog engine of choice for tee bloggers. Shareasale is the most popular affiliate network by a huge margin. Delicious beats the other social bookmarking and digg like sites. The various Merchline and cafepress shops collectively rank roughly top 30 - individually they rank top 200+. I’ve allowed etsy to collectively stay in the chart - because doing so lands it in the top 10, and because esty is so sweet, and because splitting individual etsy stores will have to wait for the next chart as we currently do this by domain.
  • dobi

    guess i gotta get on some more blogs.
  • matt901

    try things like making the email personal, tell them they have nice eyes etc etc, provide some good images but I guess they have to like it to want to post it?
  • valorandvellum

    Wow, I'm a little surprised shirt.woot didn't make it to number 2 or 3 considering how many shirts they sell everyday.
  • matt901

    nice one steve.
    Welcome to the emptees brigade
  • Go Ape Shirts

    Wow, number 6? Must have had a lucky week.
  • iamcrazymike

    I need to figure out how to get on more blogs . . .
  • jsheldon

    Cool. Nice to see Ugmonk up there, especially since it's only a few months old.
  • matt901

    I see you've moved up in the rankings. Top blogging
  • SteveOramA

    great list!
  • DanielAndHisArt

  • 8-bit ZOMBIE

  • Craig Robson

    8-bit ZOMBIE said:

    bahahahaha! i spat rootbeer all over a drawing!
  • 8-bit ZOMBIE

    Hahaha. Oops, sorry Craigers.
  • Hypochrisy

    Feels kinda creepy reading threads like this and realizing how long ago they were written after the fact
  • edword

    8-bit ZOMBIE said:

    ha! yesss rocktober blood!

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