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clever phrase

'clever phrase' apparel says it all...literally.

Interview with Go Ape Shirts

Interview with Go Ape Shirts about starting a clothing company and his advice for entrepreneurs.

Why you should use Plastisol Transfers

Start a clothing company with less risk by utilizing plastisol transfers

Colombos Typeface

It is a great idea to use it for logos, inspirational quotes, t-shirt graphics, typography art, a...

DTG Printing and When to use it!

DTG is a clothing printing method that is very popular but not ideal for every situation.

Random Objects Interview

Anthony from random objects answers questions about how to start a clothing company.

Best 'Make Your Own T-shirt' Contests!

Have a look at some of the most creative "make your own t-shirt" competitions out there!

Interview with David Murray of SEIBEI

David answers a bunch of questions like his biggest mistakes and advice for other clothing companies

Best 15 T-shirt Templates from Around th...

Downloadable t-shirt templates for printers, t-shirt templates vector files and PSD files for des...

How Promotional T-shirts Will Make you M...

Discover how to leverage the financial potential of promotional t-shirts.

Start your dream customization business ...

Explore the most advanced tshirt ecommerce application bundle.

Goons & Galaxies Apparel Co.

We are new up-and-coming skate & streetwear apparel brand. Check us and our dope team out!

Start Screen Printing Now

Hey everybody. I've started a resource guide to help readers get into screen printing and print f...

Advice for clothing brand owners from mi...

the trials and tribulations of owning an apparel brand

30 Various Vintage Textures

30 high resolution JPEG, vector EPS, and Photoshop Brush Sets. Great for adding a vintage flare t...

#BandT-shirtDebate: Should you be allowe...

It has been a trend lately for people to wear t-shirts without knowing the band, what are your th...

Dieci Tees Brand

Enhance Your Brand with Custom Outerwear

Custom, quality outerwear at reasonable quantities and unrivaled prices— that’s what Streetdapper...

Creating Custom Typography In Illustrator

I wanted to post a video of me mumbling through a typography piece. bla bla

Creating Custom Typography In Illustrator

I wanted to post a video of me mumbling through a typography piece. bla bla

65 MCMLXV- Cool Statement T-Shirts

Shop the best slogan tees for men & women. Free fast shipping on all USA orders. Save 15% when yo...

Best T-shirts of the Year

The best t-shirt selections of the year featuring World Cup shirts and festival t-shirts!

High Resolution Raster Skulls ( FREE whe...

High Resolution Raster skull artwork, royalty free, all the essential angles for reference or use.

Chalkboard Automator - Instant Chalk Sty...

The Chalkboard Automator instantly makes your designs and illustrations look like they were drawn...

Blank Mens Tees

Overstock of T shirt inventory - softness that puts American Apparel to shame - contact us if int...

Adobe Illustrator Basics: Pen Tool Tutorial

A basic overview of how to use the pen tool inside Adobe Illustrator (for beginners).

7 tips on how to create a look book

Important tips for creating a look book for clothing brands

9 Major Things Every Line Sheet Needs

Here's a awesome list of 9 major things every line sheet needs.

13 Screen Printing Tips for T-Shirt Prin...

These screen printing tips will help you manufacture a higher-quality t-shirt for new and returni...

Graphic Apparel Brand Building Service

Want to start your own graphic apparel brand? Submit your designs and we do the rest!

Hand Drawn Lettering Elements Vector Pack

Jason’s Hand Drawn Letting Elements Vector Pack contains over 30 Original Vector Elements.

Licensed Super Heroes: Interview with Ja...

I had the opportunity to interview Allan Goldberg who is the president of Jack of All Trades.

Using Textures in Photoshop Tutorial

A video tutorial going over how I use textures inside Photoshop.

Crowdfunding Mastermind

Webinar on learning the best techniques and strategies to create a successful crowdfunding campaign.

4 tips for displaying at street fairs

Here is a link for quick tips selling at street fairs

Squarespace Review - Easy Online Portfolio

A video review of the Squarespace platform which makes having an online portfolio or store easy.

T-shirt Design for the Commonwealth Games

Colour and culture in the city of Glasgow

Only Best Fonts – Mega Bundle!

40 custom fonts from 8 premium design shops

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