One Inch Button Template

This is a .psd file for laying out your one inch buttons courtesy of Humanboy's Button Press.


Many promotion in the world

Ink-Hound Interview

Interview with Andrew Backs, founder of t-shirt design competition site, Ink-Hound.

Best Of – Twitter Resources

A list of helpful resources for Twitter. Everything from Apps to Icons!

I Want You to Want Me: The Art of Liking...

People either like you or they don’t and there is nothing that you can do about it, right? Wrong!

Designer Tutorials and Tips For T-Shirt ...

My full toolkit of t-shirt printing and designing resources in one place.

Make Your T-Shirt Packaging Memorable

Tips and inspiration for making your t-shirt packaging stand out from the crowd.

Zombie Hands - Free Vector Illustration ...

A set of four illustration of zombie hands in different positions.

SHRED Clothing Interview

I interview Jonathan Kruse of SHRED Clothing.


Website dedicated to showcasing up and coming talents

How to get t-shirt designs on to Photosh...

Tim from Assault runs down how he makes his photo real t-shirt mock ups.

Do’s And Don’ts: Getting Your T-Shir...

Advice for new (and established) clothing lines on getting press on industry sites.

Interview with Paul Baines from Buy-Tees...

We interview Paul from about his t-shirt blog.

Illustrator Multi-Colored Paint Brushes

Set of multi-colored paint brushes for Illustrator, if you're in to watercolor/paint check it out!

TEE OFF 3 - Round Uno

submissions for the first round

The Golden Black

Artist series stock vectors and display fonts from Hydro 74,Pale Horse, Godmachine & more.

Mod Buttons 1" Button Template Tutorial

How to properly set up your one inch button design for print in our template.

TEE OFF 3 - Round 2

submissions for the second round

DBH Model Shirt Templates

Shirt templates with models from Design By Humans. Male and female included.

TEE OFF 3 - Round III

submissions for the third round

Stheart Clothing Interview interviews Aaron from Stheart Clothing

Vector packs, fonts and brushes

Lots of free and paid vectors, fonts and brushes for designers.

A Beginners Guide to Concert Photography

Camera settings and equipment recommendations to do your own live show photography

TEE OFF 3 - Round IV

submissions for the semifinals

Free Mock-Up Kit Volume 1 by Tom Neal

Realistic shadow layer, 49 American Apparel colours, custom tag effects and 10 preset backgrounds.

Mirror Image, Inc

Bare-bones beginners guide to screen printing terminology.

Fire & Flames Photoshop Brush Set

Adobe Photoshop Brush Set created by Assault

Marilyn Monroe Stencil Process

Old slideshow I did of my Marilyn Monroe stencil!

Keaton Henson Interview

Interview with artist extraordinaire Keaton Henson

Free vector sampler from Jimiyo

New vector sets by Jimiyo, available @ Golden Black. Download the limited, free sample now!

Amateur Illustrator

Great tutorials on drawing, for people that may have trouble with that sort of thing.

Simply Complicated | SCapparel Interview

We sat down with Grant Tucker 1/2 of Simply Complicated Apparel or better known as SCapparel

Seamless tiles In Illustrator CS4 by Qua...

How to create seamless tiles with Adobe Illustrator CS4

How to Make Money as an Artist

Tips on making money in the art world.

Product Presentation and Packaging

Several ideas on how to improve your packaging and product delivery efforts.

TN Mock Up Kit Volume 2

American apparel tee + all colors, realistic shadow/highlights, custom tag options, 10 backgrounds.

All About Networking

An article dedicated to explaining networking, its importance, and a brief "how-to".

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