How Freelancers Can Contribute to Your B...

There’s more than a few tricks to finding and hiring the right freelancers.

Tips for Making a Logo for your T-shirt ...

An article written for t-shirt brand owners instead of about logo/branding design in general.

Poloshirt: 34 ZM

Weit geschnittenes Poloshirt, für Männer, 100% Baumwolle, Marke: Fruit of the Loom

What Clothing Designers can learn from t...

Second article highlighting points to learn from other business'.

Simple List of T-shirt Printing Processes

A list examining the advantages and disadvantages of a several printing processes.

How To Draw Snake Scales

How to draw snake scales; a video tutorial by Derek Deal of The Black Axe.

Free Textures Download

145MB of textures I have photographed. Free for use.

Krop Creative Database

Snazzy portfolio site! Free for 10 images or $10 a month for unlimited uploads.

creative on a new level

some humor often seen in traveling the globe

tees with love for tokyo

japanese designers have such a different approach to concept, color & composition.

Nick Guenzler interview

We interview t-shirt designer Nick Guenzler.

Starting a Clothing Company (part 1) –...

An article about the basics of start up cost for a clothing brand

Full Color Custom Printing!~quality prin...

Great prices. I can answer questions & provide quotes.

Starting a Clothing Company (part 2) - P...

Basic guide to successful ecommerce web design for t-shirt brands.

How to make a cool Myspace Profile Theme...

Tutorial + CSS necessary to make a badass Myspace theme.

Cameesa Interview

We interview Andrew Cronk of t-shirt design contest site, Cameesa.

Emptees User Manual

Here are some fun features that have been implemented by Indie Labs.

How to properly contact an artist

Contact an artist properly and get them to work for you.

Choosing the right business partners

How to chose the right business partners for your new company

My Party Shirt Interview

We interview Michael Rutcofsky, founder of My Party Shirt.

Get the exposure you need on thefreshsto...

Get to know the newest brands and artists. Get your brand the exposure it deserves

Peel Me: Sticker Contest

Ideas from you, our loyal customers and fans to help decide the next Envee Apparel sticker.

Starting a Clothing Company (part 4) –...

An article about the basics of SEO and online advertising for a t-shirt brand.

Josh Rittenhouse interview

We interview t-shirt designer Josh Rittenhouse.

Look Zippy contest

The 3rd anniversary of Look Zippy with great competition, a macbook pro to win

Getting Attention on a Budget by Lori Kirk

Great article written by Lori Kirk on some avenues for cheap advertising/pr/getting attention!

Improve Your Line Quality

Improve your line quality. Complete from sketch to final illustration.

Edgillustrator’s Design Process

Great insight to edgillustrator's illustration techniques

How to Art Direct

How to Art Direct for t-shirt designs

How to ask for help and get responses

A few tips to on how to illicit responses when asking for help.

Selling Tees Using Twitter

Tips on selling your t-shirts using Twitter. (By Anthony Marsh)

Interview with Mark of Glamour Kills

An interview with the founder of Glamour Kills about starting a clothing line

Selling Tee Shirts Through Social Networ...

A quick look at the power of social networking and why you should leverage it to sell more tees.

Axe Tutorial: Managing Color Globally in...

How to easily manage and speed up the coloring process in illustrator without headaches.

Seventh Ink Interview

We interview Matthew Johnson of Seventh Ink.

Graphic Design Prints

We provide a chance for you to express your self through art, design and emotion.

Your First Printing Experience: How to P...

We will walk you through the process of your first print and bring up any “did you knows?”

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