Eric Elizondo Interview

We interview t-shirt designer Eric Elizondo.

Tips On Designing A Tour Admat

A few helpful tips on designing a national tour admat.

David Medrando interview

We interview t-shirt designer David Medrando.


The mission of 10tees is to find out the best t-shirts around and sort them into themed collections.

The Importance of Branding and its Impac...

A collection of tips on how to successfully brand your company for success.

Jonathan Kruse interview

We interview t-shirt designer Jonathan Kruse.

Best Young Brands of 2008

See and Vote on the most achieved brands of 2008.

Stoopster Interview

We interview Scott Stoopster of the t-shirt shop Stoopster.

E-Commerce selling tips explained with h...

Do you sometimes find yourself excitedly buying things you don't need? Here's why this happens.

Discount Coupon Codes

Discount coupon codes for your favorite indie tee brands. Save cash when buying new tees!

What clothing designers can learn from P...

What you can learn from the commercial success of Pixar movies.

Indvsl Clothing

We interview Daryll Pierce of Indvsl Clothing.

Myspace Band HTML Layout Code

A cool HTML code for a Myspace band profile. Read the README first.

Interview with Kyle from Electric Zombie

I have wanted to do an interview with Kyle Crawford for a while so here is is!

Branding: The Linty Fresh Experience

I sit down with Linty Fresh to ask him a few questions about his brand.

Bigcartel CSS customization tutorial

I go over some programs that I use to design the CSS in bigcartel

How to ship orders with

Here is a video tutorial from Eric Terry about shipping orders with Endicia

GoMedia Watercolor Tutorial by Heavyprints

My watercolor tutorial. In-depth instructions on creating the watercolor effect on t-shirts!

Watercolor Tutorial Video

Video from my Watercolor Tutorial. See the rest of the tutorial at

RustyEight T-Shirt Mock of Prettyness

This is Rusty, he is happy to see you. Put your artworks on his chest.

'I Came From Nothing' Interview

We interview Michael Van Niekirk, owner of 'I Came From Nothing.'

Go Media Interview on IATT

Interview with Jeff Finley of Go Media!

Obama T shirt

Une sélection de T shirt à l'effigie Obama

Your First Printing Experience: How to P...

Walk you through the process of your first print and bring up any “did you knows?”

Sponsoring Bands: the secrets to get gre...

Endorsing bands is a great way to get exposure for little or no money at all.

Single Tease Interview

We interview Tamera Lawrence, co-founder of Single Tease.

Interview with SimplyCotton Cut & Sew

Where to get truly custom cut and sew blank t-shirts in Los Angeles.

30 Free siXsiXsiX iPhone Wallpaper at TE...

Download the iPhone/iPod Set within 30 shirtdesigns by siXsiXsiX at!

Ugmonk interview

Interview with owner Jeff Sheldon.

HTML Emails - A quick rules and primer t...

Thinking of sending out an html newsletter? Read this so you know what to expect.

The Importance of Good Positioning

Check out the first in a series of articles by Lori Kirk on marketing for

Do crowds fatigue?

A response to a John Maeda's tweet re: Mitchell Baker's comment about the "fatigue of crowds."

Work smarter and harder

Are you a hustler or a lifestyler?

20 Typefaces of 2008

The 20 most salient and successful typefaces released at FontShop in 2008.

I Wear Your Shirt interview

We interview Jason Sadler, founder of 'I Wear Your Shirt'.

100+ Musicians and Bands that use Twitter

List of bands on twitter to help network with a unique demographic.

Pace your business for Success

An article highlighting some key points to pacing your business so that you come out on top.

Branding - The Importance of the Perfect...

This is an article about how to find a unique and personal brand name and stand out as a brand.

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