How to Prepare a Line Sheet

Tips on preparing a clothing line product sheet.

Rogue Squirrel Interview

We interview the crazy characters of the clothing line 'Rogue Squirrel'.

3 Considerations before Launching Your T...

Things to think about on business planning, marketing & branding, and utilization of resources

Massive List of Free Fonts

A long list of free fonts ranging from the Delicous font to Tiepolo

Chop Shop Interview

We interview Thomas Romer of Chop Shop.

Pros and Cons of Different Printing Methods

I broke down the most popular printing methods and whats good and not so good about each.

Off The Ledge Interview

We interview Tim of 'Off The Ledge Tees'.

DPRC Clothing Interview

We interview Rosalie Concepcion and Ronnette Cox of DPRC Design.

Wes J Clothing Interview

We interview Wesley Jagod of Wes J Clothing.

Video: Applying Foil

How to properly apply foil to a t-shirt @ Akt Enterprises.

T-Shirt Animator: So Me

Info on the t-shirt animator,So Me.

Video: How to properly reclaim screens.

How to properly reclaim screens after printing @ AKT Enterprises.

Trickgo Clothing Interview

We interview Matt Trigaux of TrickGo clothing.

Snakes&Suits Interview interview with Snakes&Suits

Halloween Promo Tactics

Tactics for promoting your brand during Halloween time.

Fright-Rags Interview

We interview Ben of Fright-Rags.


The 1927 edition of Studio Handbook by Samuel Welo

A CSS Editor's Must- Web Developer Toolbar

DL this to your browser, under the CSS tab select View Style Information. CSS just got 100x easier.

List of Blank Brands for Print

Here is a list I put together of blank apparel manufactures available for print.

55 FREE Templates

T-shirts, hoodies, tunics, boxer shorts etc 100% ethically sourced

TEEstrict Free Downloads

Freebies, PS Brushes, Vector Sets, Tutorials, Promotion, Interviews and Features!

Engaging Visitors Will Sell More T-Shirts

Tips on how you can engage your visitors to get more customers.

Designing with Halftones

A small tutorial for by Killer Napkins featuring his halftone process.

VLNY Interview

We interview Ashdin Dalal of upcoming streetwear label VLNY BRND.

Building a Great Online Shop

Tips on building a great online shop.

7 Creative Ways to Promote Your T-Shirt ...

7 ways for new designers/store owners to promote their stores and get the word out.

7 Legal Tips for your t-shirt business

Legal tips for your t-shirt business (trademarks, copyrights,etc.)

From Raster to Vector. Lines

You can convert a raster image in a one color render using straight lines.

From Raster to Vector. Halftones

Convert your raster images into one colored high-res halftone vectors!

10 Ways Your Tee Shirt Business Can Improve

Looking to improve your monthly tee shirt business sales and conversions?

Designer Interviews at The Familiar Stra...

TFS interviews Jimiyo, Priscilla Wilson, Rob Dobi, Jeff Finley, AJ Dimarucot and Mathiole.

Emptees Spotlight

Check it out. Spotlight on Emptees! I included some of your names in the article.

Amazing Hand-Drawn Typography - Studies ...

Dozens of pages of beautiful characters hand-rendered with numerous pens.

5 tips to get your t-shirt company off t...

Some quick Tips to getting your site off the ground without using expensive advertising.

Fizix Interview

We interview Conrad Alberto of streetwear shop Fizix.

Interview with HomeRoom

Interview with Alval from the brand HomeRoom!

Zipup Hoodie mock-up

mock up for a zipped hoodie.


hoodie mock-up

Filthy Fabrics Interview

We interview Jazz Martin, founder of online clothing shop, Filthy Fabrics.

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