Why You Should Buy Indie Clothing for th...

Article about why you should buy indie clothing for the holidays!

Lowdtown Q&A: How to set up artwork for ...

Beginner advice for setting up artwork for screenprinters to handle.

How many shirts should I print?!

This question comes up constantly and it's not just a simple answer, read on to find out more.

50 T-shirts Perfect for Technology Geeks...

We love technology and are geeks ourselves, we made a medium sized list dedicated to technology.

Teen Entrepreneurs; Overcoming the Chall...

I ask Alex and Taylor about how they overcome the challenges of being teen entrepreneurs.

T-Shirts are crucial to the First Amendment

You heard me right! I said what I meant and I meant what I said!

Start a conversation about climate chang...

But before I do, a few ‘housekeeping’ posts..

Keeping it Simple! 50 Sweet Single Color...

You guessed it! An article with 50 different companies one color tee designs!

Lowdtown Q&A: Type Logos vs Graphic Logos

Find out my opinion on the debate over type logos vs graphic logos. Which is better for your brand?

Lowdtown Q&A: How to Break Even

Basic tips on how to calculate how many shirts you need to sell to break even.

How to Design for the Apparel Market

Observations through experience of what sells, and what flops.

How to create a custom store front with ...

HTML/CSS and all the code examples you need to customize your store

Quick Tips: Line Work

A few quick tips to keep in mind when doing line work.

TN Mock Up Kit 3

Featuring v-neck, crew tee, polo, pullover hoodie, zip hoodie and jumper. Complete Customization!

WTF is Typography!?

Your beginning guide to basic typographic fundamentals.

Blank Apparel Mockups and Templates

Cheap T-shirt, V-Neck, CD jewel case mockups and templates!

Interview with Brandon Grbach of Dead Bu...

We interviewed the owner of Dead Bury Dead Brandon Grbach.

Camilla D'Errico Interview

We interview painter, illustrator, comic book artist and creator, Camilla D’Errico.

How to Utilize Twitter

How to Utilize Twitter for your benefit.

List of T-Shirt Design Contests

A list of contest that will be updated to include new sites periodically.

Quick Tips: Coloring

Some quick tips. About coloring. Sweet.

Wear and Paint textures for your design

Check out these free examples of my latest texture packs.

MJG Promotions-Screenprinting & Embroidery

Screenprinting & Embroidery company based out of New Jersey

All Over Prints

Spreading Ink does all over prints - check out our gallery.

Big Cartel Interview

We interview Matt Wigham, co-founder of Big Cartel.

Branded Baron Interview On SoJones.com

An interview with the heads of Branded Baron

T – Shirt Template Free Vector Pack

Stock Graphic Designs offers Free T-shirt Template vector packs for free.

Free vector collection

More than 950 free vectors for download


a new brand showcases artwork of creative artists on t-shirts

50 Beautiful Tee Models

50 Beautiful Tee and Indie Clothing Models

A Step By Step Look Into How Tees Are De...

Nils Vogeding gives us an inside look into how he designs tees!

Thriving Ink

We interview Jenelle Dronkers of Thriving Ink.

Formspring.me Dynamic FAQ

Use http://www.formspring.me to make a dynamic FAQ.

The T-shirt War

A great stop motion realized with 225 t-shirts.

Color Theory for Designers

Explanation of the effect of various colors.

Reack - Interview

Reack is french young designer. Interview and many picture of these t-shirt.

T-Shirt Templates

Link to website that sells downloadable .PSD T-Shirt Template Files. Great Resolution.

75 Skull T-Shirts That Don't Suck!

List of 75 Sweet T-Shirts with Skulls on them!

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