I am a screen printing, thai food cooking, multi-faceted artist with disenchanted anarchist leanings and a seemingly genetic predisposition for bad luck.

Due to Columbia, Missouri's harsh social climate and an ongoing battle against social anxiety, I tend to spend most of my time at home. I only seem to emerge to roll eggrolls at a local thai restaurant, drop off freshly screen printed shirts at Maude Vintage, or buy twelve packs of stag.

I run a small print shop, Prairie Squid Graphics, from my home. I print tee shirts, posters, gloves, hoodies, cd's, and damn near anything else with a flat enough surface for local businesses, artists, and bands. I also have a line of my own artist designer tees, available at Maude Vintage.

When I'm not doing freelance art for bands, local businesses, and zines, I like to draw and paint watercolor, usually of a dark, surreal, nature theme.

Oh yeah. I live in Denver now.

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