K.N.O.E. Clothing was forged when our founder was diagnosed with a rare head and neck cancer at the age of 20, the outlook on everything that was going on was grim and dark. He went through an intense line up of 24hour 7 days a week, biweekly chemo treatments, high dose radiation treatments, several surgeries, a massive 50lbs weight loss, not being able to speak, not being able to eat, having a feeding tube put into place, and countless other troubles through it all! At his lowest point he gave up on life and gave into the inevitable outcome that he was going to pass away from cancer. It was at this time and his lowest moment that his wife came to him and in no polite words told him "I don't feel sorry for you, I feel bad that you're ill and in pain, but I don't feel sorry for you because you're still alive and you are choosing to give up and not live" He awoke the next day with a rejuvenated spirit and will to live that he had never experienced before! From that moment on he and his wife started saying "Knot Now Or Ever" will I allow this disease to dictate to my life or lifestyle!! "the Knot being spelled with a "K" to represent his cancer survivor ribbon" This new found mindset gave him the strength to fight and battle like hell to overcome the odds and beat cancer with a tremendous come back!"Knot Now Or Ever" is a mindset and lifestyle, which is based on not allowing anything or anyone including yourself to put limitations on your life or potential greatness!! We at K.N.O.E. Clothing now want to share this message and power phrase with the world to help others overcome any hardship, shortcoming, or adversity that they may be facing. We want to show the world that K.N.O.E. matter what life hands you, if you put the belief into yourself, you can overcome anything. We feel that by placing faith into ourselves and "Knot Now Or Ever" giving up on what we have a burning desire to accomplish, anything is possible! his testimony to this statement is overcoming the daunting odds of beating cancer, But everyone has their own battles to fight and we want to help spread a little positive thinking and living into the world.

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