19.. is an evolving trendy/quality fashion label. This label symbolizes a century in time, in which the idea of self-expression finally came to light. The years of 1901 to 1999 embodied revolutions, global movements, fights for freedom, the creation of pop culture, the beginning of high class fashion, and more. The 20th century was a pivotal historical era, and society finally began to appreciate and love the beauty of individuality.

When we shop for T-shirts and apparel, the first thing we look at is the graphic design on the shirt. The next essential factor is the quality of the T-shirt. Material quality is ultimately our deciding factor for every clothing purchase. Nothing is worse than buying a “one washer” shirt- a shirt that is completely done after washing it once.

Before launching this brand, we spent a significant amount of time researching and finding quality material to print my T-shirts on. 19.. embodies creative graphics designed on quality T-shirts. It is a brand for individuals who not only take pride in their own personal fashion, but for those who value durable clothing. If you are that individual, then this brand will NOT deviate from the quality pieces that already hang in your closet.
“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high
intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful
execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”.
-William A. Foster

As we reflected on self-expression, the word "MADE" kept coming to mind. Our idea of MADE derives from this concept of embracing self-expression and individuality.
-"We were made out of necessity for unity and improvement. We were made from a prideful lineage. We were made to be clever and relevant and fresher than you. We were made to get free. We were made to be." – Team 19dotdot

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