In the summer of 2007, I quickly became obsessed with a newly found passion…crate digging. Having spent most of my time investing in records, I felt the need to address those who had the same passion as I did. Therefore, I began to create Staxowax. I started digging deeper and deeper in the songs that I kept listening to. Hip-Hop took over my life and I wanted to share my ideas and music taste with fashion. Staxowax is not only catering to the crate digging community, but also to those who desire self-expression. With fresh and exciting designs, we have created a brand suitable for unique individuals. Whether you love Hip-Hop, vinyl records, making beats, or are just someone who shares the same passion as we do, Staxowax is for you. We're working hard to deliver a fresh brand and have many dreams and aspirations for Staxowax so stay tuned. Keep Diggin'.

Marco Roman,
Staxowax Clothing

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