I started Fright-Rags in September, 2003 for one reason: I wanted cool looking horror shirts. Up until that point, there hadn’t been too many shirts out there that impressed me. And of the ones I did like, everyone seemed to have them. So, as a way to let off some creative steam, I started working on my own ideas and posted them on various forums I was a part of to see what people thought of them. Well, apparently I wasn’t the only one that wanted something different as many others liked what I was showing. Based on that alone I ordered my first three designs with money I didn’t have (i.e. credit card) and spent Labor Day weekend designing and building the first ever Fright-Rags site and hoped for the best…

That seems like ages ago now. Since then Fright-Rags has grown more than I ever could have dreamed. I now have a dedicated printer who does all the shirts, professional artists that help bring my ideas to life, a programmer that helps with the site, and even someone to help fold shirts. Fright-Rags shirts have been sent to every state in the US, and to countries all around the world. They’ve even been in Hot Topic stores across the nation as well as many different mom n’ pop stores and online shops.

Yet, things are still very much the same. I still answer the emails, and coordinate everyone’s efforts so we can keep this a well-oiled machine and get people their shirts. I’d have it no other way, actually, as I enjoy sharing my love of horror with those who feel the same way I do about the genre. And no matter how big Fright-Rags may or may not become, my original focus will always remain constant and pure…to create the best horror shirts I can, and provide the best possible service…no matter what.


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