My name is Adam,
I ran Sentimental Clothing and Printing from 2006 to 2011. I recently started

While running Sentimental Clothing company I learned some important things that a clothing company needs to survive in this competitive market: First) Successful clothing companies are releasing new designs on a consistent basis, and Second) Even though running a clothing company can be inexpensive to start, small clothing companies need a steady inflow of cash to survive. So the question arises, how do you release fresh new designs if you aren’t keeping a steady inflow of cash? You Don’t! Stale inventory locks up your liquid assets and causes many small clothing companies to run out of money. If you want to launch your next line successfully, you don’t want last season’s inventory sitting around on the shelf. You paid good money for those shirts sitting around gathering dust – get it back and put it to good use! Start by listing your older merchandise on

With, both the customers and the clothing companies win. Customers win by gaining access to some of the most discounted tee shirts and apparel available on the internet. Sellers win by placing their apparel in front of a smart and fashionable customer base that is looking for a good deal on great clothing. At, you can liquidize your assets quickly, recouping the money tied up in stagnant inventory, so that money can now be applied toward fresh new product and designs!

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